E895 Capabilities

The physics goal of AGS experiment E895 is to study multiparticle correlations - especially collective effects - as well as particle production and critical phenomena in a variety of heavy ion systems up to Au + Au, over a range of AGS beam energies. E895 charts new territory at the AGS in two important respects: first, we can measure and identify most produced particles and nuclear fragment species over a substantial fraction of 4 pi solid angle; second, our measurements will build upon the detailed excitation functions already measured by EOS at the Bevalac, and seamlessly extend them up to the higher beam energies of the AGS.

Using a state-of-the-art time projection chamber (EOS), we can identify and measure 4-momenta for charged pions, charged and neutral kaons, Lambda, Cascade-minus and Omega-minus baryons, protons and antiprotons, and various nuclides up to about oxygen. In addition, the MUltiple Sampling Ionization Chamber (MUSIC) is positioned to intercept projectile spectator fragments, and can easily resolve charge for relativistic ions up to gold and beyond.