Data from first run of E895

This central Au on Au collision at 4 GeV/nucleon kinetic energy comes from the January 1996 run of E895. Ionization clusters in the EOS Time Projection Chamber are shown in red, and in this event, some 18,000 clusters are distributed over the 2+ million pixels of the TPC.
Top view of the same event
Isometric view of the same event

This plot of the distribution of reconstructed vertex positions along the beam axis shows a large peak resulting from interactions in the gold target, and a much smaller peak corresponding to interactions in the adjacent trigger counter. This plot demonstrates the high efficiency of our trigger, and also indirectly illustrates the good tracking performance of the TPC.

The MUltiple Sampling Ionization Chamber (MUSIC) is positioned downstream from the TPC and intercepts projectile spectator fragments. The plot below demonstrates the excellent charge resolution of this subsystem, extending all the way up to the charge Z = 79 carried by the incident gold ions.