E 8 9 5   Ph D   T h e s e s     

Collective motion in fully reconstructed gold on gold collisions between 2 GeV/nucleon and 8 GeV/nucleon (UMI Server),
by Heng Liu, Kent State U., 1998.

Transverse flow in 2 - 8A GeV Au + Au at the BNL AGS (.ps file),
by Bill Caskey, UC Davis, 1999.

Strange particle production and flow in 2A GeV, 4A GeV, 6A GeV and 8A GeV Au + Au collisions (UMI Server),
by Paul Chung, SUNY Stony Brook, 1999.

Hadron spectra in Au + Au collisions at the BNL AGS (.ps file),
by Mike Heffner, UC Davis, 2000.

Transverse mass and rapidity spectra of pions and protons from Au+Au collisions at the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (.ps file),
by Jenn Klay, UC Davis, 2001.

Last Updated: July 2001