The E895 Collaboration

[Disclaimer: this list does not necessarily correspond to the official author list for E895 publications. The latter is determined as per the E895 Publication & Presentation Policy. If you are aware of omissions from the following, or better links, please notify D. Keane.]

List of grants which support research on E895.

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Gulshan Rai (Spokesperson Emeritus) Dieter Best Tom Case Ken Crowe Grazyna Odyniec Doug Olson Hans-Georg Ritter Lee Schroeder Nathan Stone James Symons Thomas Wienold

Brookhaven National Lab Steve Gushue

Carnegie Mellon U Mort Kaplan Zoran Milosevich James Whitfield

Columbia U Brian Cole Xihong Yang Yingchao Zhang

UC Davis Mike Anderson Paul Brady Bill Caskey Daniel Cebra Jerry Chance Jim Draper Mike Heffner Jennifer Klay Juan Romero Lynn Wood

Harbin Inst. of Technology Lei Huo Yiming Liu Weining Zhang

Kent State U Marvin Justice Declan Keane (Acting Spokesperson) Heng Liu Sergei Panitkin Shan Wang Rich Witt

St. Mary's of California Jessica Kintner

U of Auckland, New Zealand Dave Krofcheck

The Ohio State U Arun Das Mike Lisa Randy Wells

Purdue U Mark Gilkes Andy Hirsch Eric Hjort Norbert Porile Rolf Scharenberg Brijesh Srivastava

SUNY Stony Brook Nuggehali(NN) Ajitanand John Alexander Paul Chung Roy Lacey Jerome Lauret Bob McGrath Chris Pinkenburg