Stretched States

They're really quite simple,
those states we call stretched.
Excited by single-particle transitions,
they're not so far-fetched.

Their spins are high,
their configurations few
they give physicists something to do.

Some are fragmented,
some are quenched,
but all are excited at high q.

To study them takes patience,
accelerators and detectors too,
but I don't mind...
'cause I've got time...
and nothing better to do.

       Mark Manley
       January 22, 1991.

In Vancouver

I'm alone at 2 O'clock in the morning;
the one I love is sleeping,
three thousand miles away.

While I work at 3 O'clock in the morning,
the one I love is waking now,
three thousand miles away.

It's hard to say,
why I feel this way...
but it's almost over now.

Time to go, it's 4 O'clock in the morning.
Soon I'll be on my way.
And I can't wait
to see her face

       Mark Manley
       January 22, 1991.
       (To Mari)

The Pursuit

Through forests dark and green,
we crept but kept unseen...
looking for a river
or some smaller stream
to guide us back to light.

After hours, or perhaps days of search,
we found that which we sought.
How much longer must we wait...
Will we escape, or instead be caught?

Our pursuer, from whom we hide
comes e'er closer as we strive
to find shelter and save our lives.

Finally we reach an open place,
but, behind us, appears our enemy's face.

A confrontation ensues, loud for a time,
ends suddenly, as quietly
we die.

       Mark Manley
       November 20, 1989.


Somewhere, they make a sound;
I pause to listen, but they can't be found.

Somewhere, they dare to be braver;
my courage, once strong, begins to waver.

Somewhere, the lights go out!
They're coming now, I have no doubt.

Somewhere, they attack with fury.
Now there's another body to bury...


       Mark Manley
       January 19, 1989.

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