This guide to internal E895 resources for the most part is organized according to the institution of the individual posting it. NOTE: Submitted and published proceedings and published journal papers can now be accessed via the main public page.

Dieter's Software List: links to miscellaneous internal and external pages.
       BTF homepage: general documentation + numerous BTF vs. JTF.
       End-of-spill scaler analysis
       Draft #1 of Dieter's V0 paper
       Dieter's V0 analysis page.
PLEASE and CVS & CVS Repository Log
MPS Field Mapping
Status of pass1 farm at LBNL
Jerry's drift velocity for 2 & 4 AGeV
Gulshan's presentations:
       QM99 talk & write-up
       CRIS 2000 slides (.ppt file)
Hans Georg's talk at DNP 2000

  UC Davis
UC Davis E895 page
(incl. pion flow, spectra, radial flow, PID, impact parameters, MUSIC, etc.)
       Main UCD protected area (incl. all MS drafts)
             Check status of Jenn's pion paper at PRL
             For draft of UCD PSD paper, see e-mail archive, Aug 03
       Jim's discussion of centrality determination.
       talks by Daniel & Jenn at Aug '01 mini-meeting
       spectra talk by Jenn at Hawaii (DNP 2001)
       phase space density talk by Daniel at Hawaii (DNP 2001) (.ppt)

   Kent State
Main E895 page
       Archive of meeting minutes
       Publication & Presentation Policy
       Coordinates & survey; log sheets
       Lambda multiplicity in Ni + Cu at 2AGeV
       Heng's sideward flow analysis:
             All topics related to PRL manuscript
             talk on b dependence (APS/DNP 99)
       Rich's talks at APS-Atlanta '99 and DNP'99 (Asilomar)
       Sergei's correlation analysis:
             material on two-track separation
             talk at APS-DNP '98
             talk at ISMD 99 conf (.pdf)
             talk at APS/DNP 99 (Asilomar)
                   Manuscript on pion imaging (.ps, draft #1)
                   Later draft (see public list for latest version)
                   Referee reports

   Ohio State
OSU E895 page
(incl. 2D Hitfinder, OSU pass1 farm, DST design, slow simulator & HBT analysis).
       Mike's QM99 talk
       Mike's QM 2001 talk (.ppt file)
       HBT w.r.t. reaction plane

   Stony Brook
SUNYSB E895 page
(includes talks, many physics plots, & e-mail archives)
       Paul's contributions to Go3 committee on yields
       Main list of materials for papers on K0 flow and Lambda flow
       Paul's MS on V0 Emission Dynamics:
             First draft of MS (.ps file)
             Current draft of MS (.ps file)
             Supporting page about Lambda-p correlations
             Supporting page about V0 mT spectra
             Update as of December 2000
       Paul's talk at SQM 2000
       Chris' talk at QM 2001
       New in July '01: USB pion flow results
       Paul's plots for SQM 2001
       Paul's proceedings write-up for SQM 2001 (ver. 2)
       USB MS on Differential Elliptic Flow:
             draft #1 (.ps file)
             draft #2 (.ps file)
             Plots from Chris, part 1 and part 2
             Responses + draft #3
             Check status of paper at PRL
       New in June '02: Paul's results on source images
       New in Winter '02/03:
             Cascade-minus manuscript, draft 1 (.ps)
             Cascade-minus manuscript, draft 2 (.ps) and (.pdf)
             Cascade-minus manuscript, draft 3 (.ps) and (.pdf)
             Cascade-minus manuscript, draft 4 (.ps) and (.pdf)
             Cascade-minus manuscript, draft 5 (.ps) and (.pdf)
             Cascade-minus manuscript (Jan 11, 03 version) (.ps) and (.pdf)
             Cascade-minus manuscript (Feb 5, 03 version) (.ps) and (.pdf)
             Cascade-minus manuscript (Feb 7, 03 version) (.ps) and (.pdf)
             Original supporting material for cascade-minus
             New supporting material for cascade-minus
             Check status of paper at PRL

             Manuscript on p, pi & Lambda imaging, draft 1 (.ps) and .pdf
             Manuscript on p, pi & Lambda imaging, draft 2 (.ps)
             Manuscript on p, pi & Lambda imaging, draft 3 (.ps) [Dec 14, 2002]
             Manuscript on p, pi & Lambda imaging, draft 4 (.ps) [Dec 20, 2002]
             supporting material for imaging paper
             Check status of paper at PRL

Last Updated: Aug 26, 2003